Saturday, 7 May 2016

Still chance to see My First Ballet: Sleeping Beauty in some places...

A recent advert on my Facebook feed caught my eye: The English National Ballet is touring with "My First Ballet: Sleeping Beauty".

By Stano Novak (own photo, assembled myself)
[CC BY 2.5 (],
via Wikimedia Commons
Apparently this ballet is aimed at children from three years old and upwards. It's a shortened version of the "grown up" ballet and has a narrator to help children follow what is happening.

It's been on tour for a while but you still have a chance to see it if you live near Bristol, Woking or London.  I'm sorely tempted but I think my daughter is just a little bit young at the moment.  We've watched some children's ballets on TV and she doesn't really have the attention span for ballet yet. (I think it is the lack of words, so perhaps the narrator would help her keep focus, but I don't fancy risking it - she has a habit of saying "It's boring" really quite loudly at the moment!)

The website also has some resources including word games and character sheets that might be of interest to older children, even if you can't get to a performance.

If you have been to see it, or do go over the next few months, I would love to hear from you. How old were your children? What did they think? Would you recommend it to others? Please let me know below.

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