Tuesday, 30 August 2016

We're going on a journey - CBeebies Prom 2016!

You may have noticed I've had a break from blogging over the summer but now I'm back and have something very exciting to review:

we were lucky enough to get tickets to go the CBeebies Prom! We have just come back home, having seen it on Sunday (28th August).

It was very good. My nearly-one-year-old was entranced (well, he was after the first five minutes - he fell asleep nursing while we waited for it to start and took a while to wake up!). My nearly-three-year-old and her friend were so excited. They sang and clapped and did the Swashbuckle salute with much gusto.  Possibly they got a little too overexcited, because when it finished we had tears from both, saying they wanted to stay and didn't want to leave!

The concert was played by the BBC Concert Orchestra (and, as an aside, it was so lovely to see a female conductor.  Obviously, my daughter wouldn't have particularly noticed it, as she still doesn't know many stereotypes, but I'd like to think in the future if she sees man after man after man conducting she will remember that once she saw Jessica Cottis do the same job in the Royal Albert Hall.) There was also the familiar cast of CBeebies presenters: Cat, Andy, Gem, Chris, Mr Bloom and William Shakespeare(!)

I don't want to give away what music was used so that you can see it/hear it first but I thought the music was well-chosen, and even though some of the pieces were relatively long, given the average age of the audience, the children around us listened keenly for the duration. There was also an audience song (like in the 2014 CBeebies Prom), called "We're going on a journey," that built up through the concert, meaning that we all knew the tune and words at the end and so could sing along. I'm still singing it today.  I think I might still be singing it next week. It is a very hard to shift earworm - you have been warned!

If you didn't get tickets/didn't know it was on, don't worry: you can currently listen to it on the BBC Radio Player as Monday's performance was broadcast live and I gather it will be shown on CBeebies on Saturday 10th September and so will hopefully be up on iPlayer soon after that.

It's definitely worth a watch, even if you don't have children to use as an excuse!

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